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Mount Aspiring College

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With limited internet speed and capacity Mount Aspiring College was unable to maximise the learning opportunities enabled through the use of technology.


Internet Service - Plus, an ultra fast broadband over fibre solution delivered by Spark that has been tailored to fit the schools specific educational needs.


High speed, fast internet and unlimited data allowing students to harness technology in countless ways, consume knowledge quicker and learn faster

“Not only did Spark have a national fibre network in place but they had a fairly priced product that met our specific sector needs today and tomorrow.”

Tim Harper, IT Manager/Teacher, Mount Aspiring College


Like many remotely located schools in New Zealand, Mount Aspiring College relies on a fast, reliable connection to link its students with external people and learning opportunities that would not otherwise be possible.

However the students at Mount Aspiring College would often be held up by its slow and limited ADSL internet connection. There were bottlenecks and students were impaired with restrictions on PC and BYOD use and time

pent in the music and graphics labs says, Tim Harper, IT Manager at the College.


Fibre service designed for schools

In a drive to access a higher speed connection, Mount Aspiring College approached Spark New Zealand and soon after signed on to a Spark’s ultra fast broadband service named Internet Service - Plus.


Tim says that Spark can tailor this service to specifically fit with the special needs of schools. For example, the internet connection integrates seamlessly with Active Directory, allowing the school to still control things like student access to certain websites and firewall configurations. And with a static IP public address range for its servers and video conferencing, the Mount Aspiring College can access a hassle-free connection with the outside world.


Flat fee, unlimited data

For a monthly flat rate fee Internet Service - Plus is delivering Mount Aspiring College close to 90Mbps in access speed in contrast to its previous download speed of 10Mbps.

The College no longer has a monthly data cap hanging over its head allowing the students to consume data as they require it for their learning needs. Streaming 240p on YouTube or limiting Google Apps or video conferencing is a thing of the past with around 25GB in data being consumed per day.


With its new reliable, high-speed fibre-delivered internet connection, the school has big plans to increase its use of technology, starting with its Teacher and Parent portals.


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