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Access more server capacity and better support to meet the growing demand of its electronic medicine charting solution.


Spark’s Platform as a Service with its in-country platform and data centres, leading OTN, security and 24/7 support.


An improved service experience with five times the server capacity, including the ability to take on new users and expand across Australasia using a single service.

“We get an impressive in-country cloud platform with access into Microsoft Azure Services and expert, local support under the umbrella of one service.”

Greg Garratt, CEO, Medi-Map


Medi-Map is a kiwi business changing the way medication is managed within Australasia with its electronic medicine charting and management solution.
Thanks to its recent partnership with Spark and its subsidiary company Revera, Medi-Map is able to offer its solution to more health care providers. All who are desperate to move away from paper-based medicine charting systems and the issues that come with it - illegibility, lost faxes, multiple copies and conflicting information.
CEO Greg Garratt says that outsourcing its platform requirements to Spark and Revera has enabled the small Christchurch-based business to five times its capacity. Today it has more than 350 care facilities, 2,000 GPs and 340 pharmacies using its cloud-based solution.
The service experience has improved too, shares Greg - pages are loading at an average of 1.4 seconds as opposed to a previous 5.7 seconds.
Doctor Tim Jeffries of Onslow Medical Centre says he’s noticed a considerable improvement in the speed at which he can review records, chart medicine and send or receive notifications.
Nurse Manager Barbara Mouat at Masonic Court in Palmerston North says the efficiencies are allowing nurses to spend more time caring for their residents and less time waiting for profiles or medication prompts to load its tablets.
Partnering with home-based experts
As part of the Spark Platform as a Service product, all of the operating systems, cloud fabric, load balancing, security and back-up is taken care of.
With a 20 percent savings in running costs alone, Medi-Map says it is pleased with its choice of provider. “The team is impressive with its cloud server and platform capability and we can’t fault the local, home-based and more timley support we’re receiving.”
As part of its solution, Medi-Map is able to tap into Microsoft Azure Services - capability that allows it to take its charting service to Australian customers.  Using Microsoft Azure Services through Spark, means the business doesn’t have to deal with another provider and instead, can enjoy combined management, support and billing for both markets.
Supported by two in-country data centres with technical experts working day and night to ensure optimal platform performance, Greg finishes by saying: “with the large amount of medical data that our service maintains, it (Platform as a Service) gives us a greater level of disaster recovery and peace of mind that we could just not receive from an overseas provider.”


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