How could Lotto NZ simplify their retail experience and deliver secure, uninterrupted service for all of their customers, especially during peak play periods?


Lotto NZ replaced their network and security systems with Cloud Managed Network for an easier, reliable network management with higher bandwidth.


Cloud Managed Network provides Lotto NZ with increased capacity, seamlessly handles peak periods and delivers comprehensive security protection.

Playing for the community

Since its start in 1987, Lotto NZ has given 100% of profits back to our communities. By playing Lotto games, Kiwis have helped more than 3,000 local causes every year, as well as Sport NZ, the NZ Film Commission, Creative NZ, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.

Lotto NZ Chief Executive, Chris Lyman, said the organisation is proud to have contributed almost $2.2 billion to New Zealand communities in the past decade. "From contributing to local sports games and supporting the creation of Kiwi films, to backing the lifeguards on our favourite beaches and assisting people with disabilities, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of Lotto players."


Security to help Kiwis shine

The more people who play Lotto NZ games, the more support New Zealanders get. To make sure customers had a safe, seamless experience when registering, buying or playing Lotto games, Lotto NZ had to rethink its network and security systems.

By partnering with Spark and using its Cloud Managed Network to connect retailers across New Zealand, all of Lotto’s information is secure, and Lotto has the capacity to handle peak play periods with ease. For a reliable service experience, real-time visibility allows Lotto to directly tackle any potential issues across the network. 

Since switching to Cloud Managed Network, Lotto NZ has become one of only 65 lotteries worldwide to receive the World Lottery Association’s Security Control Standard. Lotto NZ has also received other key security certifications, like the International Organization for Standardization’s Information Security Management System Standard.