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Providing reliable on board WiFi across New Zealand’s largest passenger transport network.


Spark’s high-performance 3G and 4G mobile network.


A first-class customer experience for passengers, and a streamlined digital system for drivers.

“We don’t know what’s coming up around the corner. But what we’ve developed today gives us a great platform to move ahead with.”

Daniel Rode, General Manager Digital and Brand, InterCity


It’s often said that the journey is just as important as the destination. And that’s particularly true when you’re a bus company looking to create a better customer experience for your passengers.


That’s why InterCity were driven to become New Zealand’s first and only nationwide long distance bus company to have free WiFi on every route. So instead of staring out the window or reading a book, passengers can now stay connected throughout their journey. Allowing them to make a more productive, or entertaining, use of their travel time.


But when you’re dealing with New Zealand’s largest passenger transport network, you need a 3G and 4G mobile network that has every kilometre covered. That’s why after extensively trialling coverage and technology offerings from a range of network providers, InterCity partnered with Spark to launch on board WiFi across their entire fleet.


Better for passengers, simpler for drivers

Before they even get on the bus the InterCity customer app is making the journey easier. Passengers awaiting pick up can now accurately track where their bus is, when it will arrive, and even what it looks like. It also allows customers to book fares from wherever they are using their mobile device.


The drivers are also seeing the benefits. The technology allows them to keep track of passengers in real-time, with live updating manifests as bookings are made. “If we went to the drivers now and said we want to take these devices off you and send you back to paper, we’d have a real struggle on our hands” says Daniel Rode, InterCity’s General Manager Digital and Brand. “Everybody now feels that what they have with this digital solution is making their lives easier every day.”


Heading in the right direction

Now that technology has helped InterCity inspire new customer connections, Rode says they’re starting to think about the next leg of their journey. “Whether that means more on board streaming content for us, or richer content for our customers, the future is really open for that so it’s an exciting time.”


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