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Driving cost out and creating an environment that can respond to change was not achievable with Holcim’s dated and static, on-premise phone system.


Turning to Spark to migrate all of Holcim’s nationwide sites from static on-site PBX’s to a cloud-delivered, pay-as-you-go solution called ReadyCloud® Collaboration.


A seamless migration to a hosted collaboration solution that allows Holcim to reduce capex, meet its changing business model, and grow its competitive advantage.

“Thanks to Spark we’re able to migrate to a similar interface yet take on all the benefits of having our phone system managed for us – it (ReadyCloud® Collaboration) is saving us money and offering us the flexibility to scale up or down.”

Greg Ord, Information Technology Manager, Holcim


Mergers, divestments and product growth are just some of the changes on the horizon for Holcim New Zealand. Embracing cloud-based technologies is one way the business plans to meet its shifting business model and maintain its leading position in the supply of materials to the New Zealand construction industry.


A smart move

Replacing its static PBX with Spark’s ReadyCloud® Collaboration has meant the business no longer has to manage costly six figure infrastructure upgrades every six years. Instead there is no capital outlay and Holcim get to pay-as-they-go, with Spark now responsible for managing all of the essential upgrades and maintenance.


With Holcim coming close to having a universal phone system for all of its nationwide sites IT Manager Greg Ord says, it’s just a matter of time before the business ‘turns on’ additional smartphone and video features to help its office based and remote workers collaborate together more efficiently.


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