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Hilton Haulage



A solution that would allow Hilton Haulage to improve its transporting services by maximising the use of its 170 in-vehicle tablets in the field.


Spark’s Managed Mobility with features that allow for monitoring, updating and supporting Hilton Haulage’s mobile tablets and truck drivers remotely and in real-time.


Hilton Haulage customers are benefiting with improved efficiencies and reduced cost in the transporting of their products.

“Managed Mobility helps us to help our customers by being more agile and responsive to their changing freighting needs.”

Andrew Dyne, IT Manager, Hilton Haulage


Synlait Milk is just one of Hilton Haulage’s New Zealand-based customers that relies heavily on the transporting company to help get its products to market as efficiently as possible.


Hilton Haulage IT Manager Andrew Dyne says, that adopting new digital technologies is one way the business has been able to deliver ongoing value to its clients, and its latest roll out of Managed Mobility with Spark is a great example.


“Managed Mobility is a solution that’s allowing us to control costs for our customers through better communication and improved efficiency in the transporting of their products.”


“The tablets installed in our trucks (170 if them) are delivering much greater value than before, drivers receive job details in real-time and can respond with updates or issues.”


On-demand freighting

Hilton Haulage’s ability to adjust their services on-demand and move with the seasonal and changing nature of the dairy industry is of huge value for Synlait Milk, who says this helps to achieve the kind of economies of scale required to succeed.

The dairy processing company also values Hilton Haulage’s ability to provide full visibility of where its products are at any given time. This provides crucial details for an ‘electronic declaration of compliance’ for entry requirements to the countries it exports to.


Keeping the wheels in motion

Managing updates and support to the tablets quickly and remotely are two further features that means there is no need for pit stops, so customer’s jobs can continue being filled.

No longer do trucks have to be returned to base for tablets to receive software improvements, and likewise for drivers who ‘don’t know what button to push’ – its simple for IT support (from either the Hilton IT team or the Spark team) to download the desktop and talk the driver through any issues.

Also ensuring Hilton Haulage can operate at its best is included managed device and data security, tablet warranty and any fault replacements. Andrew says this frees up Hilton Haulage’s IT team so they can focus on the business and ways to further improve the service it offers its customers.


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