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Grayson Engineering

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Reliable and extensive mobile and data services to improve communication, productivity and customer service.


Spark’s 3G and 4G mobile service covering over 97% of places throughout New Zealand.


A reliable voice and data experience ensuring a productive workforce and happy customers.

“We are now receiving the communication services we require to operate at our best. My team is connected and productive, we have zero issues, and our customers are happy.”

David Moore, General Manager, Grayson Engineering


Mobile, voice and data solutions from Spark are helping New Zealand’s largest steel fabrication business improve its productivity and its customer service.

David Moore, General Manager of Grayson Engineering, says that his business has a reputation for professionalism and service, winning multiple awards in the industry, but this was in jeopardy with an unreliable mobile network and poor coverage affecting the service it could provide to its customers.

Supplying the steel fabrication for iconic New Zealand structures like the Sky Tower, Auckland Hospital or the new roof at Eden Park, requires uninterrupted communication.



A sensible move

“Mobile calls were frequently dropping out and a number of our staff could not get coverage in some locations. It was very frustrating for the team who could not go about their work, especially those out on the road.”


With it being too critical not to have a network that the business could depend on, David knew he had to look at changing providers. “We were locked into a contract, but it was no longer a question of money, but more about reliability.”


Grayson Engineering was already receiving its landline calling services through Spark so when his Client Manager made contact, David was keen to hear what Spark could do for him when it came to mobile services.


Business confidence

“It was a comforting thought to have our mobile services with Spark as they offer this through Spark’s mobile network which guarantees 3G or 4G coverage in 97% of places throughout New Zealand. It would give us the reliable voice and data experience we so desperately needed,” says David.


Grayson Engineering has also turned to Spark to help improve its internet capacity. Its current ADSL connection does not have the bandwidth to handle multiple users or the large-sized drawings being sent and received, and by mid morning it slows to snail speed under the pressure, explains David.


With Spark’s help, David is confident Grayson Engineering can hold its leading place in the steel fabrication market and continue with its expansion into more international markets.


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