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Four lessons from businesses that aced digital transformation

How do businesses win at digital transformation?

This past year we witnessed a worldwide digital adoption boom across businesses. The accelerated wave of digital initiatives brought new questions:

  • Is moving your business online the same as tranforming digitally? 
  • What does it mean to succeed online?

It comes down to the right solution, used the right way. While going digital means enabling business as usual in an online world, the companies that transformed successfully were the ones that built a real, long-term competitive advantage. Here are four lessons we can learn from them, and how you can achieve the same with Cloud Managed Network, powered by VMWare.

Act smart, then fast

No matter how fast your business moves online or creates digital initiatives, it won’t set you apart from competitors. Instead, you’ll do the same thing at different speeds. Start by clarifying your purpose before you act on it. Microsoft was ready when the pandemic hit because they stopped to re-evaluate their business. They radically reorganised around solution-oriented teams to act as digital first responders and achieved historic levels of revenue growth. 

Where to start:

  • Use Cloud Managed Network’s real-time visibility and centralised control to free up your teams. You'll give them more time to act quickly on big picture thinking.

Invest in collaboration 

To win big in the new normal, break up conventional structures and work more collaboratively. Outcome-oriented teams should work together across your organisation to deliver cross-functional capabilities. Komatsu did this by opening up their Landlog platform and data to allow customers, competitors and other construction companies to better coordinate their activities and improve productivity across projects. 

Where to start:

  • Increase your network capacity to ensure all online collaboration tools can be used as quickly and efficiently as possible across branches.

Focus on security first 

The pandemic has challenged traditional cybersecurity practices. With 64% of employees working from home, Peter Firstbrook (Research VP at Gartner) urges businesses to undergo a total reboot of security tools and policies for the modern remote workplace. Among the growing risks? The migration of workloads off traditional networks, an explosion of endpoint diversity and the challenges of ransomware. So much so, that the New Zealand Government shifted focus this year to recognise the importance of online security risks. 

Where to start: 

  • Ensure all employees can safely connect to your network from anywhere using encrypted security and "always on" threat technologies. 

Combine humanity with technology 

Retail, especially grocery, has been forced to evolve faster than ever. Covid pushed many retailers to shift to digital payments, rewards and faster delivery. The way people shop, spend and pay has changed in completely new ways. The key was to lead with a combination of technology and humanity. By listening to their customers' needs first, retailers like the branded payments company Blackhawk Network have emerged stronger than ever.

Where to start:

  • Make sure you’re listening and responding to your customers in real time; prioritise and optimise traffic to drive network efficiency. 

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Now is the time for executive teams to step up, look ahead and become leaders in the digital age. By using VMWare-powered Cloud Managed Network to tackle these lessons head on, you’ll have the flexible, reliable solutions you need for a future-proof transformation.

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