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Five one-liners to sell your boss on the cloud

Network demands increase day by day. This means modern IT solutions aren’t “nice to have”– they’ve become a necessity. Luckily, it’s easy to future-proof your business by moving to a Cloud-First model for network management. But first? You’ll need to convince your boss of the benefits. 

Here are five one-liners to help make that happen.

“Save the business thousands of dollars with lower ongoing maintenance costs.”

Need we say more? Overall cost will be a key consideration for your boss when choosing IT solutions. So make sure they don’t forget about ongoing support and maintenance costs. With Cloud Managed Network, you can quickly diagnose and resolve issues remotely with simple reporting and dashboards. Plus, automated updates mean you’re always running the latest and safest software. This could save thousands over the first few years.

“Save on staff costs and time with devices that are ready to use.”

Don’t forget the other ways Cloud Managed Network can help the business save – starting with deployment. Pre-configured devices mean less investment in on-site set up (not to mention a much happier IT team). This is especially true with multiple sites. Plus, configurations download automatically once the device is connected, for a true “plug and play” experience. Too easy.

“Manage and troubleshoot from any business site – even from home.”

Since 2020 we've seen more employees than ever working remotely, so it’s important to move away from on-site solutions. With Cloud Managed Network, there’s no need for anyone to be physically on site to troubleshoot network problems. An IT administrator can be alerted quickly of a network issue, diagnose the problem and devise a solution from any computer with internet access.

“Free up capacity for other jobs with a single dashboard.”

Does your boss deal with the IT team day-to-day? If so, they’ll know security is a massive, time-consuming part of the team’s job. The visibility and automation of Cloud Managed Network is game-changing. The ability to keep track of wireless, security, switching and IoT solutions from a single dashboard significantly reduces the burden on IT, while ensuring complete network security. Win win.

“Improve the overall end user experience for your team.”

While reducing the amount of time spent on security, Cloud Managed Network also guarantees the best end user experience for the IT team.  Cloud Managed Network constantly optimises performance with analytics and machine learning to make sure critical applications run smoothly. By shifting the focus to the end user, your boss will see happier, more productive teams. 

Still not convinced?

There are plenty more reasons to future-proof your network with the Cloud. Find out how Cloud Managed Network, powered by Cisco Meraki, can improve the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of your IT team and overall business. Get in contact now and one of our experts will give you a call.

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