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Driving network change

Does it pay to DIY your network?

The latest network technology can bring next-level efficiency to any organisation. Upgrading to a Cloud Managed Network can drive better network and application performance, and with better visibility you can solve network problems faster. You know all this.

But what’s the best way to install and maintain a Cloud Managed Network? 

If you know what you’re doing, it’s possible to purchase and install any new technology yourself. But the costs may outweigh the benefits. Think of it like driving and maintaining a car.

Driving efficiently from A to B

Most of us own and drive cars. Their primary purpose is to get us from A to B in the safest, most efficient way. When cars need maintenance we have options. Many people can change a tyre or a wiper blade if needed, but regular servicing is usually left to the experts.

Your network is much the same. Most IT experts can easily handle routine maintenance, but few of us will lift the bonnet to find the cause of an oil leak. 

It’s not because we couldn’t. It just doesn’t make sense to tinker. Auto mechanics have the experience and special tools to fix things efficiently. Plus they can identify which problems need attention and which you can safely ignore. 

Focus on driving.

If we push the analogy further, the purpose of a car is convenience. The business outcome of a well-maintained and reliable car is efficient transport. That’s why many organisations procure vehicles on fully maintained lease. They don’t want their team fixing wiper blades, they want their team driving.

Your network is much the same. With less time under the bonnet, you’ll have more time to focus on the real value of your role. Optimising your network for better performance and supporting the people who use the tech. And with better visibility through a software defined network, you can throw out the map book and use the GPS.

Enjoy the drive.

Most important of all, everyone wants to do a great job. So it’s not about whether you can do it yourself – it’s a question of whether you want to. With the simplicity, flexibility and control of a Spark managed service, you can rest easy – knowing that your network is fully up to speed and help is on hand when you need it.

Are you a driver? A mechanic? Or maybe a bit of both? Either way, the purpose of your network is to drive smarter efficiency and a fully managed service puts you behind the wheel so you can enjoy the drive.

Presented with Spark partner, VMWare.

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