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Six cloud trends to future-proof your network

What drives success in business?

2020 has taught us that success is all about digital transformation and the ability to adapt. To future-proof your business you need simple, flexible and reliable solutions for your network.

Here’s a summary of the top Software Defined-Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) trends for enterprise-level businesses worldwide – and why moving to the cloud is a must.

1. The Cloud IS the network

It’s no secret, at least 50% of large enterprise network traffic has moved to the cloud over the past few years.1 This major shift has changed traffic flows, causing businesses without SD-WAN to miss out on increased user and application access. 

2. Security is top of mind

Do you know how secure your network is? Security is still the number one challenge for big businesses.That’s why 46% of organisations have moved to cloud-first application and enabled "always-on" threat defence technologies. IDG

3. More traffic, more bandwidth

Network traffic has been doubling every three years, leading to a 20% increase in the required WAN bandwidth per year.4 By using SD-WAN technologies, the Cloud enables your business to prioritise and optimise traffic, and drive network efficiency.

4. Apps move to the cloud

By 2025, 90% of new digital applications will be deployed in the Cloud.5 SD-WAN selects the best network for each application based on a variety of real-time factors. That means you’ll be guaranteed stronger connectivity and reliability across your network. 

5. Connections multiply

Is your business "transport independent"? For enterprises that want to keep up, it’s become increasingly important to use SD-WAN that supports multiple connection types, like Internet, 4G LTE and MPLS, for improved continuity and reliability.6

6. Goodbye traditional routers

With the top-rated combination of performance, price and flexibility, cloud solutions are leaving hardware-centric approaches in the past. By 2023, more than 90% of WAN infrastructure refresh initiatives will choose SD-WAN over traditional routers.7

Is your business ready for the future?

Investment in SD-WAN is predicted to exceed $2 billion worldwide by 2021.8  So what are you waiting for? Spark’s Cloud Managed Network uses the best SD-WAN, technologies like VMWare to drive productivity and efficiency for your business. 

Presented with Spark partner, VMWare.

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