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Four ways to strengthen security in the cloud

Is your business edge secure in the cloud?

Like most New Zealand businesses, you’ve had to navigate lockdowns and make a rapid shift towards remote working. Successful business transformation can be the difference between achieving ongoing business success in the face of more uncertainty, or watching your competitors pass you by. 

Offering your team the ability to connect to your business data and apps via the cloud is just table stakes in today’s digital landscape. In the past, your team probably accessed the cloud through corporate data centres. While this method does offer internal security measures cyber attacks can still occur.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, malicious actors’ attacks escalated and accessing the cloud directly began to feel like an open invitation to cybercriminals to hack your network. On the other hand, it’s hard to ignore the flexibility and efficiency of Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, or other cloud-based productivity tools.

Fortunately, you don’t have to revert to a locked-down, on-premise environment of the last decade. You can mitigate the risk with an integrated, automated cybersecurity solution that’s underpinned by a strong strategy.

Here are four key ways to strengthen your cloud security game:

  1. Provide reliable connectivity so your team members are never hindered by slow or inconsistent connections.
  2. Update your network architecture to recognise many types of access, including branch offices, remote workers and legacy client-server corporate networks.
  3. To prevent unauthorised access, costly data breaches and other inefficiencies, bring data privacy, integrity and confidentiality to the forefront of your network .
  4. Account for how business applications and workflows span from endpoint to core network and out to your business’s distributed edge in the cloud.
The right applications at the right time
Your team members don’t care how you manage their connectivity with business applications and workflows spanning from the endpoint to the core network and to the distributed edge.
Essentially, they just need to be confident that their business applications will work when they need them and perform as expected. Businesses achieve this stability through application awareness at the edge and prioritising the right applications at the right time. Your team may not be able to watch YouTube if connectivity is impeded but they’ll still be able to access Salesforce and other tools they need to get their jobs done. 

To achieve this outcome without inviting bad actors in, you need security at the edge. Spark keeps you safe with its Cloud Managed Network by providing full visibility of your network right to the edge.

Spark’s Cloud Managed Network gives you:

  • The ability to rapidly and securely set up branch offices and remote users.
  • Configurable security solutions optimised for your specific environment needs.
  • An effective and highly efficient way to deliver secure, reliable connectivity that will keep your team up and running.

Is your network holding you back?

Find out how Cloud Managed Network, powered by Fortinet, can give you secure, reliable, direct-to-cloud connectivity to power your business today and into the future. Get in contact now and one of our experts will give you a call.

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