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Streaming live music into store 24/7 with a fast, reliable and affordable internet service.


Spark’s fibre service, utilising secure business internet and large data broadband.


An innovative way to take the BurgerFuel customer experience to another level, both nationally and internationally, through streaming music.

“The network needed enough power not only to stream music 24/7, but also to eventually expand that into our stores in other parts of the world. With fibre it’s fully scaleable – we’ve got enough capacity to do whatever we want.”

Sean Munden Monro, BurgerFuel Chief Information Officer


Amping up the in-store atmosphere

Since the first BurgerFuel restaurant opened in 1995, it’s become legendary for creating fresh, wholesome gourmet burgers coupled with an unmistakable in-store vibe. As a result BurgerFuel Is hugely successful, with 80 restaurants in six countries, and big plans for further international growth.


On-trend music has always been a key point of difference. And these days, Radio BurgerFuel is its source. Or more specifically DJ’s manning the decks at the company’s custom built Auckland based HQ, with both pre-recorded and live shows transmitted to restaurants in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East.


Fundamentally this innovative concept is an internet based radio station designed to completely reimagine the customer experience. And the delivery has been achieved thanks to the Secure Business Internet solution and high-speed fibre network Spark provides.



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Taking their sounds to the world

BurgerFuel restaurants in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East are now connected, and Radio BurgerFuel is available publicly to music fans around the world through


With fibre now in almost every store, BurgerFuel is not only streaming live radio, they also have the ability to broadcast live, in-store music performances from any of their outlets to the rest of the world.


It will also be the most cost-effective option, according to Munden Monro, coming in at around half the cost of WAN.


Now Radio BurgerFuel Is becoming an important part of some ambitious plans. It’s essential for the BurgerFuel brand to be as unique as possible to gain cut through as they expand internationally. With a little help from the Spark fibre network, Radio BurgerFuel is able to deliver the distinctive BurgerFuel sound and customer experience to burger and music lovers all over the world.


“We’re a global brand, but our New Zealand origins are an important part of our identity,” Alexis concludes. “Radio BurgerFuel is helping channel the culture and authenticity that’s at the heart of our brand, to our customers all over the world”.


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