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Brother required a future-proof, multi-channel, person-to-person contact system. In order to enhance the company’s customer service proposition.


Spark PureCloud provides an omni-channel platform, allowing customers to use their preferred contact method. Using existing infrastructure, Spark was able to minimise costs.


Spark PureCloud has enabled Brother to provide 24/7 customer service. It has seamlessly integrated with Brother's existing CRM system to utilise historic customer data.

“Spark understood our vision and were able to deliver GenesysPureCloud on time and on budget and, most importantly, with minimum customer service disruption."

Carrie Taylor, Business Technology Manager, Brother International NZ Ltd.


Brother is a supplier of technology solutions, helping businesses deliver greater productivity and efficiency through documentation, digitisation, collaboration, and mobile work solutions.


Spark's PureCloud solution

Brother now enjoys reporting and monitoring tailored to their requirements. Information is easily made available on existing Brother desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. PureCloud's multi-channel platform provides convenience to customers to use their preferred contact channel: chat, SMS, email or voice. The new system was integrated into the company’s existing CRM database. This ensured customer history can be easily accessed, allowing for a personalised service experience. A Call Management system was also installed to upgrade the internal telephony system. This enabled automatic call transfers to specialist staff, as well as internal chat options, to improve collaboration.


How Spark added value

  • Finding the right solution. We helped Brother assess their options, so they could choose the solution that would work best for them.
  • An agile approach. The PureCloud project was run with weekly stand-ups between Spark and Brother. This allowed for tasks and roadblocks to be identified, assigned and completed.
  • Microsoft expertise. Our experience ensured seamless integration of PureCloud with Brother’s existing Microsoft Dynamic CRM system, giving staff access to historic customer data.


Minimum customer service disruption

We worked with Brother in an agile way to deliver an install plan that minimised disruption to customer service. Using existing infrastructure, the new system was installed in one weekend (compared to an estimated two weeks for a conventional hardware conversion). Within days, the contact centre was at 100% efficiency (all support emails answered and all outbound calls completed).


24/7 customer service

PureCloud gives staff the ability to work remotely, giving Brother a way to reduce costs associated with 24/7 customer service.


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