Spark Digital is a name that stands for enabling the digital future of New Zealanders.

Our belief in the importance of a digital future for New Zealand was the key reason behind the huge leap that we took in August when we set aside some of New Zealand’s most recognised brands - Telecom and Gen-i - in favour of a name that reflected our forward looking future. New digital capabilities and our aspiration for New Zealand demanded a new name to describe them, and so Spark and Spark Digital came into being.

At Spark Digital we see our role as providing critical infrastructure and services that connect New Zealanders, in the public and private sectors, to each other and the world. That’s our core purpose.

And we also believe we have a key role in leading thought and discussion around what that digital future might look like and how it might enable your business.

That’s what our FWD series is building on, helping you to plan your future by bringing new ideas to our customers and showing you, with real word examples, how they can be applied to make your business more successful.

Our next FWD Speaker Series events in Wellington and Auckland bring you one of the world’s foremost thinkers and analysts of successful digital businesses, Aaron Dignan, to show you just how much business has changed and how quickly businesses can build to a large-scale in the digital world.

Aaron is CEO of Undercurrent, a consultancy group in the United States that specialises in studying hugely successful digital businesses like Amazon and Uber, and applying their techniques to more traditional businesses such as GE and American Express.

The results of his work usually lead to more engaged staff, improved productivity and faster decision making. Personally I like his “two pizza” rule for teams and if you want to know more about that make sure you register to hear him at our FWD Speaker Series. He’ll also hold exclusive workshops for our customers that help you identify areas to address within your own business.

Judson Croft, a specialist in the opportunities created by the Internet of Things, will outline some of those opportunities and demonstrate the capabilities of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. Spark Digital and our international partners see a great future in this area in New Zealand especially in sectors such as health, agriculture and transport. In just two to three years M2M transmissions are expected to exceed mobile calls as more businesses take advantage of the automated analytical and messaging capabilities of M2M technology.

Finally, the event will also feature one of our own digital entrepreneurial success stories, Jenene Crossan of Jenene uses digital technology from start-up to create successful customer-centric businesses and will, share that knowledge with our FWD audience.

It’s a high-powered line-up that will also deliver practical knowledge applicable to your business.

Register today! Click here to attend the Auckland session and here to attend the Wellington session.

I’ll see you there.


Tim Miles - CEO, Spark Digital

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