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Integrating your website with social media

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Using your website as the centre of your online presence can increase engagement with your customers and build the audience for your social media accounts.


What are social media accounts?

Social media accounts include tools such as Facebook,LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter which businesses can use to boost engagement.


Why integrate your social media accounts with your website?

Using your website as the centre of your online presence, linking all your online activity together can increase engagement with your customers and build the audience for your social media accounts. Integrating your website and social media presence gives people a choice of channels to stay in touch with your business, it also provides the ability to boost communication and service to customers and the potential to increase sales.


Things to consider when integrating social media accounts and using social media:


  • Best practice suggests social media buttons should be displayed along the top, bottom, or side of your homepage.


  • Be realistic about what you can achieve.  When starting out using social media focus on one channel. Then choose a time each day to check your channel. Plan your updates. Regular updates on your social media sites is essential to keep your social media followers informed and interested.


  • Don’t dump the social media tasks on the youngest member of your team just because they have an Instagram account. Social media shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be part of your marketing plan with clear objectives.


  • Only link your website to social media channels that are actively managed, as linking to inactive channels can do more harm than good.


  • If you have an eCommerce facility on your website adding social ‘share’ buttons to your product pages will allow users to share or recommend your products.



  • Although it is very popular to add sharing buttons to web pages, remember that these don’t help webpage viewers to see your social media presence without leaving your website, so to strengthen your social media consider using a feed widget.

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