Managed DDoS

Perfect for helping to protect your business from cyber-attacks and cyber criminals

Protection of your organisation's reputation and bottom line from increasingly frequent and complex cyber-attacks can be achieved with Managed DDoS Protection. It helps to protect your business from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can take your online services down.


As it’s managed at the Global Gateway that connects New Zealand to the world, malicious traffic is blocked at the point it enters the country – keeping it well away from your business and also eliminating any of your bandwidth usage.


These days, blocking a single IP address is not enough to stop attacks that come flooding in from many different sources to overwhelm your bandwidth or saturate your network or apps.


Our New Zealand based DDoS team of experts will monitor your traffic 24/7 and detect, mitigate and remove (or notify you for self-mitigation) any suspicious activity before it affects your business.

To provide cost certainty we recommend one of the monthly fixed term plans that allow you to add or delete services. When you take any of the above services, a standard (defend) service fee is applied, with optional uplifts to plus (detect & respond) and advanced (prevent & comply). Pricing is based on your specific requirements and will take into account a combination of the number of users, devices applications and services that need to be managed, the location of the devices and any configuration features required to support your needs. An individual installation fee applies. Monthly pricing will be determined once we know the components and costs, but will be a combination of the number of services and the number of users that want to consume the services. Term options are 12, 24, 36 and 48 months, as well as open term. Spark terms and conditions apply.

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