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Businesses are relying on technology more than ever before, but threats to data and networks are becoming more sophisticated. As businesses move online and into the cloud and BYOD becomes embedded in workplaces, increased border control is more important than ever to keep business assets safe.

Spark Digital security solutions can safeguard your precious business data and prevent damage to your brand and your bottom line.

Your business information and technology solutions are critical assets and, in today's environment, ensuring they are suitably protected can be a huge task. Security threats are becoming more sophisticated and thwarting unwanted activity 24/7 can be a challenge.

Alongside external security threats, our modern working styles provide another potential avenue for unwanted access to your data. Employees are using their personal devices at work, at the office, at home and on the move. BYOD provides another layer of risk for your business if not handled appropriately.

Businesses are best protected by using a range of solutions designed to protect the performance, reliability, integrity and safety of IT systems. As no single solution protects you from all threats, a multi-layered approach is required.

At Spark Digital we have a range of services that provide round-the-clock protection for your network, data and devices, including frontline protection against the evolving internet threat landscape.

  • Firewall protection for your internet services
  • Control and reporting to govern what content is accessed
  • Protection from viruses, such as web and email filtering
  • Intrusion prevention systems to identify potential threats
  • Protection from DDoS attacks
  • Virtual Private Networks, securing remote access
  • Managed security services either onsite or hosted in the cloud
  • Secure connection and remote access to enable your people to work almost anywhere
  • Security professional services

Spark Digital has the experience, skills and scale to provide your business with the robust, cost-effective security services it requires to operate safely. With expert, 24/7 support your ICT is in safe hands – ours! Our large team of security experts, many of whom have top-level government clearance, can provide security product advice, audits, solution design, and on-going support, giving you the peace of mind your entire IT environment is protected.

Spark Digital – keeping your data safe

Let Spark Digital look after your data so you can focus resources on supporting and developing your business growth.

  • Our end-to-end security portfolio provides you with single point accountability.
  • Add on and seamlessly integrate further security services to meet your changing business needs.
  • Ability to monitor and control internet security policies.
  • Certified operational experts provide product advice, design and ongoing support 24/7.
  • Highest industry standards maintained through independent audits, review and accreditations.
  • We partner with global security leaders to utilise the best technologies.

Spark Digital security services deliver results

Is your business information safe and sound? In 2012:


of organisations experienced a security breach


incured an unexpected cost due to an IT-related incident


of users were utilising bare minimum passwords


of organisations did not have staff sufficiently trained in IT security


days on average to detect a security breach


explosion in mobile malware

Case Study

  • St John

    SecureME enables remote working for St John ambulance stations

    Read case study

Benefits – Security Solutions

  • reduce risk2
    Risk management

    Prevent security breaches, minimise the risk of data leakage and protect your business operations.

  • flexibility

    Seamlessly integrate with your existing ICT infrastructure and adapt as you need.

  • 24-2
    24/7 Support

    Single-point of accountability and proactive, round-the-clock monitoring service to protect your network.

  • control

    Get the level of control and involvement you want from cloud-based security to an on-premise managed solutions.

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A simple, secure and cost-effective connection to the Cloud, managed services and the internet.


Safecom Global Roaming

Roam globally and still enjoy secure access to your company's information with Safecom Global Roaming.


Managed DDoS Protection

Get protection from distributed denial of service attacks and safeguard your business's online operations.


Safecom SecureMail

A service that removes all known spam, viruses and malware to keep your network perimeter secure.


Safecom SecureMobile Access

Designed to control and deliver data securely via mobile devices across the Spark mobile network.



Access your business email, intranet, shared files and applications securely from any internet connection.


Secure Web Browsing

An internet filtering tool that ensures safe web browsing and managed access to permitted content only.



An integrated, managed security solution that provides scalable protection across different technologies.



The simple, smart and reliable way to deliver secure connectivity to your business and your team.

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