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Fibre is a powerful and empowering infrastructure that enables faster communications and decision-making. With fibre you can do more online all at the same time, from video conferencing and IP telephony to large file transfers, cloud computing and much more.

Taking advantage of the rollout of fibre across New Zealand will help you boost productivity, increase the speed of innovation and open doors to global markets.


  • Faster upload and download speeds – you have more time to do more, faster
  • Efficiently using and storing data in the cloud
  • Hosting real-life video conferences with colleagues and clients
  • Transferring large files with the confidence that they will reach their intended destination
  • Consistent performance, including at peak times
  • Hosting live web conferences - all on a reliable network.

Find out when fibre will arrive in your location

Spark Digital are the fibre experts

Not only does Spark Digital have the expertise and assets to help you utilise this robust technology today, we are also the only provider to combine a fibre, copper and mobile national network solution. We also provide exciting applications and services that leverage this new fibre world including:


Case study

  • BurgerFuel

    Fibre powers live DJs and fresh music for BurgerFuel stores worldwide

    Read case study

Benefits - Fibre

  • performance

    Optimise your data, voice and video traffic with more capacity, speed and control.

  • scalability

    From a large site to a smaller office, we provide solutions that will meet your size and budget.

  • reliability

    Our round-the-clock help desk, proactive technical support and robust platforms provide peace of mind.

  • future proofed2

    Fibre is the way of the future – enable your business to maximise its benefits today.

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