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Get greater visibility of your costs

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Cost Manager

See calling, mobile and data costs at a glance, understand calling patterns, track and forecast spend and manage costs with the Cost Manager suite of products.

Cost Manager is a secure, online solution that gives you access to your monthly billed and unbilled usage data. Online invoicing eliminates paper bills and makes it easy to process your transactions efficiently. Automatic reporting reduces administration time and costs – freeing you up to focus on other business.

Five products make up the Cost Manager suite: Cost Manager Summary, Daily, Monthly, Mobile and Managed.

Key features – Cost Manager

A fully featured product suite that includes:

Cost Manager Summary - FREE
Enables a single user to run a set of standard reports.

  • Online invoicing eliminates paper invoices making it easier to process transactions more efficiently.
  • Secure online access to your invoices anytime and from almost anywhere.
  • Automatic reporting reduces administrative time and costs, enabling you to focus on running your business.

Read the Cost Manager Summary user guide for key features and instructions.

Cost Manager Monthly
Allows multiple users to perform in-depth analysis of their monthly telecommunication costs and provides additional functionality on top of the Cost Manager Summary features.

  • Detailed online reporting reduces administration time and costs.
  • Easy access to billing data provides clarity on costs and usage so you can identify how to reduce telecommunications costs and optimise your services.
  • On-shoring of data ensures your information is securely stored in New Zealand.
  • A customisable hierarchy for your bill structure allows you to restrict access for different end users.
  • Makes it easy to allocate costs across departments and branches.

Read the Cost Manager Monthly user guide for key features and instructions.

Cost Manager Daily
Use data feeds from the previous day to track usage trends and patterns. This allows you to respond to abnormal usage and ensure staff are on the right plans for their needs.

  • Daily reporting and email alerts enable you to monitor usage and respond quickly to control your costs.
  • Bill transparency enables you to manage your budget proactively.
  • View your usage before you receive your monthly invoice.
  • Reduce risk when piloting new services as you can understand and monitor the impact daily during a trial period.

Cost Manager Mobile
This product automates split-billing and invoicing of personal and business mobile charges. By enabling your people to carry a single mobile device for both personal and business use, it also helps you manage your BYOD strategy with ease.

Cost Manager Managed

Pass the responsibilities for setting up and managing reporting, cost centre and personal cost allocation policies over to Spark Digital. Through dedicated support, Spark Digital will offer the set up and management of your reporting requirements and manage cost centre and personal cost allocation policies, ensuring a personalised solution that provides accurate and timely reporting each month.

Features Cost Manager Summary Cost Manager Monthly Cost Manager Daily & Monthly
Access to multiple accounts
Access to individual call detail records from summary reports
Summary reporting in table or graph format
Export statement data to PDF and CSV formats
Fixed and mobile data available
Outbound call records reporting only
PDF invoice
Additional report online storage (chargeable add-on)  
Training (chargeable add-on)  
Hierarchy creation for cost allocation reporting    
Hierarchy creation reporting  
Ability to assign services and account and split services  
Create personalised reports (both summary and detail)  
Multiple user access  
Monthly (post-bill) call data
Daily (pre-bill) call data    
Email alerts when predetermined thresholds reached    

For more information, or to register for Cost Manager, please click here.

  • control

    Effectively manage resources by utilising operational insight to identify inefficiencies and opportunities.

  • flexibility

    View predefined or customised reports focusing on areas of interest

  • efficiency

    Save time by scheduling reports to be delivered to your inbox each month

  • security

    Access to billing data is via a secure local portal so your information remains safely in New Zealand.

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