A range of high-performing data and voice network solutions to securely connect to the internet, your customers and your sites within New Zealand or around the world


WAN Service

With Spark WAN Service your business gets its own private, managed network to securely connect multiple locations in New Zealand or around the world.

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Fixed Voice Calling

Make and receive your fixed calls with our voice calling services, delivered over Spark’s highly reliable Public Switched Telecom Network (PSTN).

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Carrier Ethernet Service

Get Spark’s Carrier Ethernet Service (Metro Ethernet) and easily control and manage your inter-office network. Check out the best plan for your business now.

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Direct Connect

Direct Connect is a fast connection that works alongside your existing access, to transfer large volumes of data quickly across your sites within a metro area.

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Managed Application Acceleration Service

Managed Application Acceleration Service (MAAS) is our WAN optimisation service that accelerates data and applications across your entire network.

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GMS Network

GMS Network is our managed network service with device monitoring, alerting, performance reporting & management, so your LAN & WAN operate at best.

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Centrex provides a flexible, reliable and economical alternative to PBX systems for your internal and external voice communications.

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Business Broadband

Find the right business broadband plan: affordable, flexible & high-performing internet delivered over copper or fibre to grow as your business does.

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Cost Manager

Want to help reduce your business telecommunications costs? Simplify your billing and use next day monitoring to identify savings with Spark Cost Manager.

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IP Centrex

IP Centrex is a cloud-based, high quality voice and calling access solution using VoIP, that is gaining popularity as a flexible & cost-efficient PBX alternative.

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Data Transport Service

Spark's Data Transport Service provides a reliable connection for transferring large amounts of data at very fast speeds, using a private fibre optical path.

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Standard Business Line

For any kind of NZ business, our business phone systems (Standard Business Lines) are a basic analogue access connection to Spark’s reputable PTSN.

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Global Office

Global Office is an economical access solution designed for businesses that wish to make their inter-office calling as simple as possible.

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Our ISDN (Integrated Subscriber Digital Network) is a popular connection for combining voice and data networking needs into a single access.

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Toll Free

Our toll-free service enables you to advertise a free number that your callers can call at no charge while you pick up the bill via your monthly Spark invoice.

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Voice Connect

Voice Connect is a reliable and affordable SIP-based voice communication service that delivers high definition audio for all of your Voice over IP needs.

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Internet Service

With our Internet Service you get a managed & fast connection to support your business needs, with private bandwidth & direct access to global gateways.

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Web Performance Management

Web Performance Management allows you to predict and fix any problems with your website including UX & transactions before they arise.

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McKechnie Aluminium

High bandwidth oils the wheels of industry at McKechnie Aluminium

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