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Unified Communications

Enable your people to switch easily from an instant message to a phone call or even video conference. Streamlining collaboration with a Unified Communications solution will help your people work faster and more flexibly so your business can enjoy greater productivity.

Seamless end-to-end communication is about providing your people with the right technology to deliver better business outcomes, faster. We always recommend the best Unified Communications solution for your needs because we’re technology-agnostic and work with a comprehensive range of best-in-breed partners.

Unified Communications can enable you to:

  • Automatically route calls to and from your mobile or desk phone
  • Have a single IP network for communications
  • Reduce call management costs and efforts
  • Increase IT productivity with only one infrastructure system to manage
  • Access email, fixed, fax, mobile and SMS communications from one inbox
  • Streamline collaboration processes for better decision-making
  • Know when colleagues are online, offline, away or in a meeting
  • Provide a Modern Workspace that helps you to recruit and retain the best people.
  • “We expect to see significant improvements in efficiency and time savings by simplifying and easing our local and global communications. The Unified Communications solution (from Spark Digital) will allow staff to quickly contact staff in other offices, and this will improve the flow of work and speed up the decision-making process.”

    Steve Kennedy, NZ Information Technology Director, SunGard

Benefits – Unified Communications

  • productivity

    Boost business performance with a solution that makes communication easier and better able to meet your needs.

  • flexibility

    Make critical decisions quickly, strengthen relationships and improve your team’s work/life balance.

  • responsive

    Be available to your colleagues and customers while away from your desk with automatically routed calls.

  • optimise

    Decrease your IT complexity and increase productivity with only one infrastructure system to manage.

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