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Keep your business running

Connect, protect and improve the way your business works with smart and dependable products and services made for New Zealand businesses.

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Work smarter

Empower your people to work more efficiently and engage better using technology-driven tools, processes and insights.                                                                                                      

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Better serve your customers

Gain insights and deliver a better experience for your customers with technology solutions that help you to understand and engage them.

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Innovate and grow

Discover inspirational advice and events at Spark Lab to help you spearhead your industry or expand to new markets.                                    

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Latest content

Marketing ROI calculation made easy

The words 'return on investment' roll off the tongue so easily, but quantifying the results of your advertising spend can be challenging.

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BurgerFuel case study

Go behind the business to see how Radio BurgerFuel is creating a unique customer experience.

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Cloud services help you compete

Shaking off traditional ways of working can release your people from their less inspiring tasks and make your business look impressively innovative to your customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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5 steps to a customer journey map

Based on your in-depth research, customer journey maps reveal the true paths people take to become your customers, and the emotions they experience along the way.

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Device gallery

Browse our great range of smartphones, tablets and hotspots on leading operating systems. They’re all available for purchase via My Spark Digital.

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